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An infant with seizures unable to take medicine

A one-year-old patient who suffered from constant seizures wasn’t capable of taking oral medications as he’d just spit them out.

Our pharmacy offered the option of making the medication into a suppository for the child and contacted the doctor to discuss this option.

Neither mom nor the doctor were aware that the medication could be compounded into a suppository.

Mom picked up the new medication and called us back the following day to thank us for custom making an alternative dosage form that really helped her child.

A homebound woman unable to visit our pharmacy

A customer called in asking if we had lift chairs in stock. Unfortunately, she could not come in due to a fall.

We arranged to deliver two different lift chairs to her home so she could try them out. She was very thankful that we were able to accommodate her inability to travel.

She’s now the proud owner of a Golden Technologies lift chair.

A patient needing us to go the extra mile

A patient brought in a prescription for an extended-release pain medication near the end of the day.

Our pharmacy didn’t have this medication in stock and the patient was already going on several days without her pain medication.

Our pharmacy went the extra mile and was able to contact the prescribing doctor after hours. We worked with her doctor to get her medication changed to a different strength that we did have in stock.

She then didn’t have to miss another day, and was able to restart her treatment regimen that evening.




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