Your Health, at Preston’s

At Preston’s

We believe that providing the highest level of customer service and care is the pinnacle of healthcare; that’s why we value the trust that you give us with all of your pharmaceutical needs.

When You Choose Preston’s

You let us shine where we do best: giving you personalized, custom care for whatever your needs are. We offer compounding with next-day delivery for you or your pets, immunizations and COVID-19 testing, courier delivery, and mail service.

Personalized Care

We accept most commercial prescription drug plans (insurance), and are a preferred provider for most Medicare Part-D drug plans. Your co-pay will be the same as any major pharmacy chain; but, by choosing Preston’s, you choose better service, personalized care, and support local—at no additional cost.

Meet Our Team

Frank Odeh

President & Co-Owner

Experience: 27 years in pharmacy

Interests: Skiing, scuba diving, golf, or any type of fitness activity

What Frank loves about pharmacy: "I love the people. I love all the patients, their families, and I love helping people navigate through any confusion related to pharmaceuticals."

Best health tip: Drink plenty of water and get plenty of SUN (and take Vitamin D supplements)!

Lisa Odeh


Experience: 31 years in pharmacy

Interests: Golf, remodeling, fitness

What Lisa loves about pharmacy: "I love interacting with patients, getting to know them, and being able to help them."

Best health tip: Eat right, drink lots of water, and get a good night's sleep so you are ready to tackle the day.

Victoria Paesano

Vice President & Co-Owner

Experience: 18 years in pharmacy

Interests: Boxer puppies, Olympic weightlifting, and all things outdoors

What Vickie loves about pharmacy: "My favorite thing about pharmacy is the fact that we are the last checkpoint in healthcare, and the last check before patient ingestion. I love pharmacy because I believe in the power of medicine."

Best health tip: Drink your greens - it's simple, fast, and easy (add a scoop of collagen peptides to it)! It'll help with recovery, sleep, and improve your nails/hair.

Jorge Pineda

Operations Manager & Co-Owner

Experience: 20 years in pharmacy

Interests: Traveling and reading

What Jorge loves about pharmacy: "I like pharmacy because I love being able to help people in the community - especially because we are able to provide stellar service."

Best health tip: Stretch in the morning, your back will thank you!