Your Health, at Preston’s

At Preston’s

We believe that providing the highest level of customer service and care is the pinnacle of healthcare; that’s why we value the trust that you give us with all of your pharmaceutical needs.

When You Choose Preston’s

You let us shine where we do best: giving you personalized, custom care for whatever your needs are. We offer compounding with next-day delivery for you or your pets, immunizations and COVID-19 testing, courier delivery, and mail service.

Personalized Care

We accept most commercial prescription drug plans (insurance), and are a preferred provider for most Medicare Part-D drug plans. Your co-pay will be the same as any major pharmacy chain; but, by choosing Preston’s, you choose better service, personalized care, and support local—at no additional cost.

Meet Our Team

Frank Odeh

President & Co-Owner

Experience: 27 years in pharmacy

Interests: Skiing, scuba diving, golf, or any type of fitness activity

What Frank loves about pharmacy: "I love the people. I love all the patients, their families, and I love helping people navigate through any confusion related to pharmaceuticals."

Best health tip: Drink plenty of water and get plenty of SUN (and take Vitamin D supplements)!

Lisa Odeh


Experience: 31 years in pharmacy

Interests: Golf, remodeling, fitness

What Lisa loves about pharmacy: "I love interacting with patients, getting to know them, and being able to help them."

Best health tip: Eat right, drink lots of water, and get a good night's sleep so you are ready to tackle the day.


Victoria Paesano

Vice President & Co-Owner

Experience: 18 years in pharmacy

Interests: Boxer puppies, Olympic weightlifting, and all things outdoors

What Vickie loves about pharmacy: "My favorite thing about pharmacy is the fact that we are the last checkpoint in healthcare, and the last check before patient ingestion. I love pharmacy because I believe in the power of medicine."

Best health tip: Drink your greens - it's simple, fast, and easy (add a scoop of collagen peptides to it)! It'll help with recovery, sleep, and improve your nails/hair.

Jorge Pineda

Operations Manager & Co-Owner

Experience: 20 years in pharmacy

Interests: Traveling and reading

What Jorge loves about pharmacy: "I like pharmacy because I love being able to help people in the community - especially because we are able to provide stellar service."

Best health tip: Stretch in the morning, your back will thank you!

Personalized Care For Your Patients

Our Goal

To provide patients and their healthcare providers with innovative pharmaceutical options and provide superior customer service.

Providing Options

Sometimes the best—and possibly the most affordable—option for your patient is a custom-made medication. Together with Preston’s, we can provide the customized care that your patient needs.

Your Patients Trust You

That’s why we provide compounding services for customized medications for individualized care. Healthcare providers trust Preston’s to create customized medications for therapy tailored specifically to patient needs. Our pharmacy specializes in a variety of compounding, with over 10,000 customized recipes, allowing us to formulate prescriptions with the exact ingredients and strengths required for an individual patient.